Red Iris BreedingBreeding Red Irises: The Carotenoids
Everything you wanted to know and more about manipulating the carotenoid pathway for flower color.

Learn which recessive genes block the pathway to produce white, cream, pink, orange, lemon-yellow and yellow flowers.

Learn about the contribution of phytoene, lycopene, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and violaxanthin to flower color.

Learn which 12 genotypes produce white flowers. That’s right, white has more genotypes than any other color break.

Learn why yellow flowers come from pink flowers, not the other way around as dogma has it.

Learn why those “dominant inhibitors” you have been told about are really recessive white genes.

Learn about the dosage effect of white genes on flower color and how they modify color.

Learn about duplicate genes, jumping genes and how they control floral patterns.

Learn the truth about the plicata pattern and why it is not an allelic series as dogma has it.

Take a sneak peek... Table of Contents and Chapter 5 in .pdf format are available upon request.

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